An autumn leaf

26 November, in the year of our Lord 2020   

Up betimes, being awhile at my parents house, where came the maid Hayley before a half-past 8 a’clock to ablute and dress my mother, which displeased my father who is precise when he wishes her to come; only she is unable to be as exact as he likes since she is ‘doing the job of two people’, for the one who came previosely no longer works for the companie, and has been given the Push, I think, which is a good settlement, if it is the case, for last week I was sharp tongued on her account for her witless talking and tattling and waving around her arms, which caused me seriouslie to think she was on something.
  Next week, thanks be to God, comes my father to the end of his being treated at the Hospitalle with the special rays of Light, which he has had seven times, I taking him in my coach for each, down jumblegut lanes to evade the plague. He is to have it thrice more — but Lord! how my mind is lightened to see him affected not one whit, not even with a cough, nor his having any shortness in his breath, which doth amaze me; the only occurrence being that he lost a tiny ear trumpet there when he took of his disposible masque, and they could not find it in the bin, which they had emptyed, but one has been newly delivered by Specsavers, 6l 8s. 3d., though it doth not help.The apetite that he has for climbing things to fix them is not lessened by his illnesse nor its remedie; this morning found him upon a stool, climbing on to a chair to set about oiling the works of a long case Clock, but the chair had a rush seat, and I was afear’d he would step through it and breake something (other than the seat).
  By the Messenger, news that Mr. van Oppenreitsch hath joined up Mr. Jones’s tube of light, so his magick screen, he hopes, will work many times as fast as it used, and because he hath waited so long for it to be done, and those who came about their work so foolish in the accomplishment of it, he is to have four months free, which is to say with no paiment, and a recompense of 30l. I know not how he doth it.
  In the gazette, read that the Plymouth Colony is to be lead by someone new, which is to my great content tho’ I do not live there, only that the Incumbent is childish and threatens not to leave the House, so they must prise him out, and it would please me if they walked him straight to gaol; also that Mrs. Prettypetal, a vain woman who works in the Governement and hath the ear of the First Lord, hath escaped the comeupence the law designed for her bullying and so the civil Servant in charge left uncivilly, which vexes me that a righteous man be sacrificed for a feckless peahen. Yet what is most admirable, I read, and for which we must all give thanks to God, is the invention of a vaxine for the Plague that works, which is an innoculcation, as if for the infleünza, and should joy us all.
  After supper, with no wind to shake the last leaves from the trees, walked pleasantly a little while and saw a competition of some rival maister chefs from divers taverns, who did cook some fine dishes though I could not taste any, for two other chefs and a shouty man were a-judgeing of them and eat it all. And so to bed.  

By andywmacfarlane

I am a retired medic who likes messing around with a bit of writing, and friends seemed to like my social media postings of "Samuel Pepys: The Covid Diaries". So I'm having a go at blogging them.

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Thank goodness Mr Jones’s tube is fixed!! It was getting to be a recurrent theme 😁 and we were very worried!


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