Samuel Pepys: the Covid Diaries

In the Year of Our Lord 1669 I forbore from writing my Diarie for fear of my sight, and after some ten years did lay the manuscripte aside. But, thanks be to God, my eyes are no worse and I am well, tho’ the circumstances in which I find myselfe are much changed. I am widowed and I am no longer as sure of the worlde nor my whereabouts in it: as much as many things do seem the same, there is more of which I know nothing, nor understand its ways. But I do my best, and one such is to keep a new Diarie, though now it be a blogge, which I understand not well and it may at first be rough and lack the form I would wish, like my playing of the Flagelette, but I hope it will improve. They say you should clicke on Blogge, top right.